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SLW is all about Deepening the Soul, Finding Relationship & Joining the Mission while Living Sent. Check out some of these great "But God" stories from a past sermon series! Attenders were asked to share where they were in life and how God brought about transformation through "deepening, finding and joining".

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October 26, 2014 :: Jesse Pratt

Only be strong and courageous! (Joshua 1:18b)

What happens when we finally receive what we’ve been waiting for…when what for so long seemed impossible is now made real? How should we live when it seems we have made it to the place our journey has been preparing us for all along?

The story of the book of Joshua is one where the children of Israel are at long-last taking ownership of land in fulfillment of a generations-old promise of God. Their season of living out the Promise is one of challenge: a different way of living than they had ever experienced (and maybe one they never even anticipated) is now required. A new level of strength, courage, and submission to the leadership of God and his agents will be vital.

What can we learn from their experiences? What might we uncover about our own relationship with God and his desire to lead us into deeper faith and active obedience?

Join us throughout the new church year as we step in and out of the story of the Book of Joshua and discover strength, courage, leadership, and faith for today.